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Vitamindrip® is a scientifically formulated intravenous solution that has been shown to benefit conditions like moderate to severe dehydration, and has been found to be beneficial against asthma, migraines, fatigue, acute muscle spasm, upper respiratory tract infections, chronic sinusitis, seasonal allergic rhinitis, and other disorders.


Through the administration of vitamins intravenously one can achieve serum concentrations not obtainable with oral administration, thereby elevating the therapeutic benefit of the nutrients. Whether it be for energy, recovery, hydration, cosmetics, athletic performance or weight loss, Vitamindrip® is an effective tool in enhancing your health.

Ready to book your IV therapy appointment?


Vitamindrip® appointments are typically 30-90 minutes in length depending on the size of your customized cocktail and drip speed. All patients must have an initial consultation with our Naturopathic Doctor Dr. Connie Pugliee to ensure a customized treatment, and that all lab work is up-to-date. Please bring your recent (conducted within the last 3 months) routine blood work to your initial appointment.


Patients require blood work prior within the past 3 months 

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