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Nat Levy – Studio Director

Born and raised in Toronto, Natanel’s deep roots in the fitness and rehab industry extend far beyond his passion for healthy living and training. Nat’s father, Isaac Levy, is a celebrity trainer in Toronto who has been in the business of training and rehab for over 20 years. Isaac has worked with many stars and professional athletes, throughout Nat’s life.

Nat has been participating in sports from a very young age, focusing most of his extra- curricular activities in hockey and golf. His education comes from a culinary background which has been very useful in fulfilling his passions. Do not be fooled, a culinary artist is not only useful in the kitchen, or for nutritional advice. Nat has a strong eye for details, it is what made him successful during his education, and this made him particularly meticulous about the philosophy he wanted to portray at Inklein to others. For Nat, his heart was surrounded by the health industry; watching his father help others became a passion of his own.

He uses a hands-on approach throughout his sessions, with a lifestyle twist making this experience one of the most unique in the training industry. It is one of the major reasons why Inklein is a far cry from your typical personal training gym.

Nando Sirianni

Nando started his career with Inklein Fitness in 2015. His passion for health and training began when he was 18 years old. At a young age he played numerous sports and participated in many activities involving exercise. He took it upon himself to improve his strength, endurance, and overall health, and this is where he developed his passion for training.

Over the years he continued to educate himself on the many different methods of training that helped others and himself improve performance. It was clear that different training programs and styles impact a client’s ability to reach their goals. After years of learning and experience, he focused his training style on a balance-based functional philosophy, including strengthening and agility style exercises. When appropriate for the client, he incorporates high intensity interval training, also known as H.I.I.T., to get you out of your comfort zone and perform at a higher level. He loves sharing his knowledge and understanding of the various training philosophies with his clients to help them reach their goals.

Beata Toth 

Beata has been a part of Inklein Fitness since day one! She is one of the Inklein O.Gs! She has over 10 years of fitness and health experience. Her career started with competing in numerous fitness and bodybuilding competitions, as well as fitness modeling. During the preparation and training process she realized how much she enjoys exercising and how great it made her feel in her everyday life. She got certified by CPTN and started to dedicate her time and career into helping others feel the same way about themselves.

After she stopped modeling and became a certified personal trainer, she became a vegetarian shortly after trying a vegan diet. Since then she is constantly educating herself on nutrition by building a connection between plant-based nutrition and fitness. She is also a busy, upbeat Mom with a Toddler. Trying to teach and inspire her son to live a healthy active positive life, just like she does with her clients. Beata specializes in high intensity interval training also known as, H.I.I.T., as well as weight loss programs.

Her favourite quote: “Every journey starts with a single step. But you will never finish if you don’t start.”

Emily Mattei

Emily is currently a student at York University completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Kinesiology & Health Sciences. Throughout her education, she conducted research on numerous topics such as, Anatomy, Physiology, Sports Nutrition, Biomechanics, Athletic Rehabilitation and Psychology; while also participating in sports herself. Her passion, however, lies in Health Sciences. This is credited to her extensive athletic background beginning in her childhood. She thrived as a competitive swimmer for nine years and has transitioned to fitness and rehabilitation as she works towards her career.

Emily specializes in strength conditioning and high-intensity training and continues to expand her knowledge on sport-specific training as well. With hands-on experience through her schooling and clinical work, she can guide her clients towards their own mental and physical health goals. Emily is consistent, she expresses her unique techniques of training and rehabilitation each session and ensures her clients at Inklein have a clear pathway to reach their personal success at developing a healthy lifestyle.

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