Nat Levy – Studio Director

Born and raised in Toronto, Natanel’s deep roots in the fitness and rehab industry extend far beyond his passion for healthy living and training. Nat’s father, Isaac Levy, is a celebrity trainer in Toronto who has been in the business of training and rehab for over 20 years. Isaac has worked with many stars and professional athletes, throughout Nat’s life.

Nat has been participating in sports from a very young age, focusing most of his extra- curricular activities in hockey and golf. His education comes from a culinary background which has been very useful in fulfilling his passions. Do not be fooled, a culinary artist is not only useful in the kitchen, or for nutritional advice. Nat has a strong eye for details, it is what made him successful during his education, and this made him particularly meticulous about the philosophy he wanted to portray at Inklein to others. For Nat, his heart was surrounded by the health industry; watching his father help others became a passion of his own.

He uses a hands-on approach throughout his sessions, with a lifestyle twist making this experience one of the most unique in the training industry. It is one of the major reasons why Inklein is a far cry from your typical personal training gym.

Mario Simone

Mario has been a part of Inklein’s history since day one. Throughout his post-secondary schooling he developed and educated himself to provide others with the interdisciplinary service they deserve, to improve not only his client’s performance, but their overall quality of life.

He obtained his undergraduate degree in Kinesiology from the University of Guelph- Humber and went on to complete a Master of Science degree at York University. During his MSc. research tenure, he fixated his studies in the biophysical spine research laboratory with a focus on chair ergonomics. His extra-curricular activities include playing ice hockey, soccer, golf, coaching sports, and officiating Minor, Junior and CIS hockey.

As a Biomechanist and the Director of Business Development at Inklein, Mario strives to combine leadership, education, and a passion for human movement science to deliver his peers with a comprehensive approach to preventative injury exercises and performance training.

Beata Toth

Beata has been a part of Inklein Fitness since day one! She is one of the Inklein O.Gs! She has over 10 years of fitness and health experience. Her career started with competing in numerous fitness and bodybuilding competitions, as well as fitness modeling. During the preparation and training process she realized how much she enjoys exercising and how great it made her feel in her everyday life. She got certified by CPTN and started to dedicate her time and career into helping others feel the same way about themselves.

After she stopped modeling and became a certified personal trainer, she became a vegetarian shortly after trying a vegan diet. Since then she is constantly educating herself on nutrition by building a connection between plant-based nutrition and fitness. She is also a busy, upbeat Mom with a Toddler. Trying to teach and inspire her son to live a healthy active positive life, just like she does with her clients. Beata specializes in high intensity interval training also known as, H.I.I.T., as well as weight loss programs.

Her favourite quote: “Every journey starts with a single step. But you will never finish if you don’t start.”

Nando Sirianni

Nando started his career with Inklein Fitness in 2015. His passion for health and training began when he was 18 years old. At a young age he played numerous sports and participated in many activities involving exercise. He took it upon himself to improve his strength, endurance, and overall health, and this is where he developed his passion for training.

Over the years he continued to educate himself on the many different methods of training that helped others and himself improve performance. It was clear that different training programs and styles impact a client’s ability to reach their goals. After years of learning and experience, he focused his training style on a balance-based functional philosophy, including strengthening and agility style exercises. When appropriate for the client, he incorporates high intensity interval training, also known as H.I.I.T., to get you out of your comfort zone and perform at a higher level. He loves sharing his knowledge and understanding of the various training philosophies with his clients to help them reach their goals.

Celeste Borghese

With a love for all aspects of health and fitness, Celeste aspires to help others look and feel their best. Celeste graduated with distinction from the University of Guelph-Humber with a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Kinesiology, and a diploma in Fitness and Health promotion. Through volunteering and working at several health clinics over the past 7 years, Celeste has gained practical and hands on experience in various manual therapy soft tissue techniques and therapeutic modalities. She is currently studying to become a Naturopathic Doctor and is expected to graduate in May of 2020.

Eating healthy and taking a natural approach to health has always been a personal interest of Celeste’s and she enjoys sharing her passion with others. Celeste chose Inklein Fitness because of the personal connections she was able to build with her clients. At Inkein Fitness, Celeste can exercise her belief in an interdisciplinary approach to health and develop personalized plans that are designed to help her clients achieve their goals. Celeste enjoys sharing her favourite workouts and healthy recipes on social media in hope of inspiring others to take charge of their health.

Julia Domenichiello

Meet Julia! She has been with our Inklein family since 2018. She has experience specializing in group bootcamp training and has built a repertoire of skills and knowledge that has allowed her to excel as a one-on-one personal trainer here at Inklein. With her Kinesiology and Health Science degree and a vast of experience in the fitness world, she works closely with clients to help strengthen muscles, assist in the rehabilitation of injuries, and support everyone’s fitness goals.

She always puts her clients first and will go above and beyond to accommodate their needs ensuring they feel comfortable and safe while training. Her ability to combine high intensity exercising and weight training, is perfect for those looking to burn a lot of calories, while building strength and toning muscles. But WARNING! you cannot take the bootcamp instructor out of Julia! So be prepared to push your limits and work hard. Get ready for a sweaty hour! Don’t worry we offer towels.

Cara Caponio

Cara completed her Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in Kinesiology and Health Science at York University. She is currently attending her third year of Naturopathic Medicine at CCNM to obtain her Doctorate in Naturopathy. In terms of employment, Cara currently works for Inklein Fitness as a Personal Trainer and the Inklein Health Klinic office assistant. Cara is also employed as a Student Representative for Atrium Innovations, a global leader in vitamins, minerals, and supplements.

She is passionate about building knowledge pertaining to musculoskeletal disorders and sports-related injuries. as well as clinical nutrition and holistic medicine. Aside from work and school, her hobbies include playing soccer, working out, and creating healthy recipes!

David DiLoretto

One word that best describes David, passionate. When he was younger, he always participated in sports, specifically soccer. David started exercising in 2016 when he became a client at Inklein Fitness. His full-time career is in construction, but he has a small place in his heart for fitness and nutrition. When he started exercising, he was unsure of what to expect but he knew he felt amazing and accomplished after a full day of work and a workout.

Fast forward to 2019, he wanted others to recognize the drastic change they can make to their own life with some guidance and dedication. He joined our team to bring individuals the joy of feeling good about themselves. David uses a weight training style in the gym but incorporates a high-intensity pace when needed.

Emily Mattei

Emily is currently a student at York University completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Kinesiology & Health Sciences. Throughout her education, she conducted research on numerous topics such as, Anatomy, Physiology, Sports Nutrition, Biomechanics, Athletic Rehabilitation and Psychology; while also participating in sports herself. Her passion, however, lies in Health Sciences. This is credited to her extensive athletic background beginning in her childhood. She thrived as a competitive swimmer for nine years and has transitioned to fitness and rehabilitation as she works towards her career.

Emily specializes in strength conditioning and high-intensity training and continues to expand her knowledge on sport-specific training as well. With hands-on experience through her schooling and clinical work, she can guide her clients towards their own mental and physical health goals. Emily is consistent, she expresses her unique techniques of training and rehabilitation each session and ensures her clients at Inklein have a clear pathway to reach their personal success at developing a healthy lifestyle.

Robert Calzetta

Rob’s passion for helping his clients is second to none. He had his share of experiences with injuries. At the age of 19, Rob was determined to join the York Regional Police Force and attended the Police Foundations program at Seneca College. During this time, he tore both of his ACL’s and required two surgeries - a result suffered from multiple soccer injuries. Pushing through the emotional and physical battles of this injury caused his career path interest to shift. After a full year of dedicating time to intensive rehab, Rob developed a heightened knowledge and passion for human anatomy and active rehab exercises.

After successfully pursuing a career in personal training, Rob sought out to join a team that shared his passion for functional training. He focused his training philosophies on prescribing exercises to prevent the risk of developing injuries by including active therapy-based exercises. He was immediately drawn towards Inklein’s devotion to ensuring their clients perform safe foundational movements, while also pushing them to achieve performance and tackle challenging exercises.

After 20+ years of engaging with multiple sports from a young age (hockey, soccer and basketball), Rob has turned his own athleticism and knowledge of how to prevent and treat sport and training related injuries into a powerful tool allowing him to best service his personal training clients at Inklein.

Victoria Colucci

Victoria is a Kinesiology graduate from the University of Toronto and has a post- graduate certificate in Exercise Science and Lifestyle Management. Her athletic career at a young age inspired her to study the human body and its mechanics. Through several different educational and clinical experiences, Victoria has gained the knowledge and background to successfully educate and lead her clients towards a healthy and active lifestyle.

It is her passion to empower individuals to feel confident in themselves and achieve their fitness, health, and rehabilitation goals. Victoria strives towards facilitating meaningful sessions with her clients to improve mobility and strength while enhancing body function and avoiding injury using a personalized approach.