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Our performance studio has redeveloped the personal training industry by utilizing a unique system. This system not only consists of prescribing exercise, it provides our clients with a hands-on manual therapy service to improve mobility and functionality, as well as reduce the risk of developing future injuries. Our modern approach requires our team to focus on evaluating your past or current injuries, movement patterns, and posture. We prescribe a plan not only to exercise your body but improve your movement and health long-term. In 2015, the Founder Nat Levy pursued a business in personal training that was different from traditional personal training services. He targeted quality, not quantity exercising, focusing on the longevity approach and not the temporary one. In doing this, we have helped many individuals correct their movement patterns, ultimately reducing the risk of developing injuries when exercising and overall improving their quality of life.


We perform low risk functional exercises without machine- based training because we believe in exercising not only to look your best, but to feel your best for the future. Being a part of a team not only consisting of personal trainers but practitioners, allows us to educate our staff and use an interdisciplinary approach to improve the quality of life for every one of our clients.


The system, known as ‘The STROLF System’ was designed in 1997 by Isaac Levy, Owner of STROLF Toronto. Nat Levy, the son of Isaac expanded the system north of the city to Kleinburg, ON in 2015, and to King City, ON in January 2020.

Since then, countless professional athletes have been treated through hours of rehabilitation programming under Isaac Levy and Nat Levy’s guidance. The system, presently tailored and further developed, caters to athletes and working professionals. From the beginning, our system specializes in working with golfers and hockey players of many different skill levels to help improve their movement patterns, mobility, and strength. As we continue to grow, we stand by our philosophy of exercising smarter, not just harder.

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